Case Studies

Case Study #1

From contaminated soil to an ADEQ clean bill of health

What do you do when the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality gives your company an ultimatum?

This is exactly what happened for a Phoenix-area company in the aerospace industry. The company was housed in a 40-year old facility with a number of inherent safety issues. OSHA had come into the company and found a number of safety violations.

As often happens, when one regulatory agency finds a problem at a business, they alert other agencies as well. In this case, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality was called. ADEQ inspectors discovered chemically-contaminated soil all around the facility and ordered the firm to immediately get the soil quality up to acceptable levels.

Aegis Environmental Strategies formulated a plan

The key to handling a major contamination issue is to make sure that the most important tasks are handled first and properly. Greg Fisher, owner of Aegis Environmental, developed a plan to tackle this seemingly insurmountable problem:

  • Developed a written roadmap for action to comply with ADEQ specifications
  • Oversaw excavation of contaminated soil and proper disposal
  • Conducted sampling of remaining soil to verify it was in acceptable limits
  • Completed all necessary reporting for contractor, lab samples, etc.
  • Coordinated with the company’s president so that he was always in the loop
Final result: Clean, safe soil that met ADEQ requirements

Once ADEQ was satisfied that the company had met their requirements, the property was given a clean bill of health. This meant the company could move to a newer facility and not face liens for environmental degradation.

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Case Study #2

How a company used Aegis Environmental to go from a regulatory nightmare to ISO14001 certification

An Arizona aerospace company appeased ADEQ and got employee buy-in, too!

Before working with Greg Fisher, this company made an error that is all too common among smaller businesses: An ADEQ inspection had revealed numerous, relatively minor compliance infractions,, but the company did not answer the agency’s requests in a timely manner. ADEQ responded with the most stringent punishments allowed.

To appease ADEQ, the company agreed to obtain ISO 14001 certification –an extensive process that requires aligning every facet of the company with environmentally sound practices.

Aegis Environmental Strategies owner, Greg Fisher, was brought into help the company comply with mandated RCRA audits, meet their ISO14001 goals, and provide procedure documentation and reporting to meet ADEQ requirements.

Now the company has significant cost savings

As a result of this three-year process, ADEQ has closed out the aerospace company’s consent order. Even more importantly, the company now experiences minimal waste, reduced employee toxicity exposure, and positive word of mouth. And because the process of obtaining ISO14001 certification involves environmental improvements in all areas of the company, the employees feel buy-in for the results.

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Case Study #3

The secret to having safety occur at all levels of your Arizona organization

Pro-active American Aerospace Technical Castings, Inc. has over 1,000 accident-free days

Not all companies call Aegis Environmental Strategies because an OSHA inspector has been knocking on their doors. For Phoenix-based American Aerospace Technical Castings, Inc., preventing accidents was their goal.

By using the services of Greg Fisher, American Aerospace can have all the benefits of a dedicated compliance team without the overhead expenses. Greg and the American Aerospace management team work together to make sure that the company has an exemplary record of workplace safety.

Employees participate in a Safety Committee to solve issues before they become problems

Every two weeks, eight American aerospace employees meet with Greg in a safety roundtable. The group discusses employee-identified workplace issues and formulates safety plans to make sure that the American Aerospace employees are safe on the job and compliant with OSHA standards.

Greg takes care of any required OSHA documentation so that American Aerospace can focus on what they do best: creating quality technical castings for their customers.

Going for the brass ring of safety

The results seen by American aerospace are so good that the company is eligible to apply for the special OSHA “Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program” (SHARP) designation: Obtaining a SHARP designation exempts a firm from having OSHA inspections while the certification is valid.

Congratulations to American Aerospace Technical Castings for their dedication to employee health and safety

Aegis Environmental Strategies commends American Aerospace on their safety-first outlook.

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