ISO 14001/EMS

Wanted! Companies committed to sustainability by minimizing their environmental impact. By employing ISO 14001 standards in your company, you can achieve the coveted certification that tells the world that you care about our planet.

You may have heard of ISO 14001 certification and wondered what was involved and if your company could achieve it.

ISO 14001 are standards for an organization’s environmental management system. To meet the standards, companies must operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. The standards do not specify a level of required environmental performance; instead, they provide a framework for a holistic approach to your planning, your policies, and your actions with regard to the environment.

An ISO 14001 certification is challenging to attain – often taking a year or more of alignment to meet these rigorous standards. But for companies that make the commitment, the rewards of ISO 14001 certification are outstanding.

Just look at these benefits to having an ISO 14001 certification:

  • Reduce your waste management costs
  • Save money in energy costs
  • Spend less on materials
  • Lower your distribution costs
  • Improve your company image with regulatory agencies
  • Reassure customers and the public that yours is a company that cares
  • Enjoy a framework for continued improvement

ISO14001 and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Experience Summary

Broadway Metal Recycling, Inc. – Recycler of a variety of scrap metals, primarily steel and aluminum.

The objective of Broadway Metal Recycling, Inc. is to become the first metal recycler in the Phoenix metropolitan area with ISO 14001 certification. This recycling facility is state of the art with exceptional cleanliness that is uncommon to this type of operation.

The implementation of this project started in March 2011. My responsibilities were to create the written procedures and guide Broadway Metal Recycling through the implementation of this program. Weekly management review meetings have been held in order to review procedures, conduct training, establish Aspects, Impacts, Objectives and Targets, and document Corrective Actions.

As a result of two internal audits (Gap Analysis) of the ISO14001 program, corrective actions were identified which were subsequently documented and assigned for completion.

The majority of the workforce is Hispanic. Training of employees has been done several times, in both English and Spanish, to familiarize the employees with the elements of ISO14001. Work instructions are written in both English and Spanish.

Broadway Metal Recycling, Inc. achieved third party certification by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. in November 2011. The audit results were zero findings. There were no major or minor findings. The facility also passed the annual surveillance audits in November 2012 and 2013. Providing on going support of BMR’s ISO programs as of 2016.

Metco Plating, Phoenix, Arizona

Metco Plating is under a Consent Order decree that requires the implementation of an ISO 14001 EMS followed by a Gap Analysis audit. Aegis Environmental Strategies, Inc. is approved by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to perform the audit of Metco Plating’s EMS program. The audit was completed 0n April 3, 2013.

Tomkins PLC—Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning components manufacturing.

Tomkins PLC mandated that an ISO 14001 program be established at five American Systems Company (ASC) facilities and seven Ruskin facilities. I achieved the ISO 14001 implementation at each of these facilities by completing the written programs, conducting Management Review meetings, training the employees, establishing Objectives and Targets, identifying Aspects and Impacts, documenting Corrective Actions, and completing Work Instructions.

The ASC facility in Tarboro, N.C. achieved ISO 14001 Certification after being audited by Det Norske Veritas.

The other facilities utilized the program as an Environmental Management System without pursuing third party certification.

I completed a Gap Analysis of each facility both pre and post EMS implementation

Motorola MOS 12 Semiconductor Wafer Fab. Semiconductor wafer manufacturing.

This was the first Motorola facility to implement an ISO 14001 program. As the team leader, I led the effort for writing programs and procedures, training the appropriate management team personnel and employees, completing the Aspects and Impacts analysis, establishing Objectives and Targets, and Corrective Actions, and completing work instructions and other documentation required by the standard. The ISO 14001 program subsequently passed both the corporate audit and a third party independent audit for certification.

Premier Precision Group, Jet Products Co. Phoenix, Arizona. Aerospace Manufacturing

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality required the implementation of an ISO14001 program as one of the requirements of a Consent Order settlement.

This ISO 14001 Gap Analysis was the first step in developing the ISO14001 program at the facility. The Gap Analysis was completed despite the fact that there was no existing Environmental Management System.

The Gap Analysis reviewed each of the ISO 14001’s 19 sections including: written programs and procedures; training of appropriate personnel and the management team; Aspects and Impacts; Objectives and Targets; existing Corrective Actions; work instructions; and other documentation required by the ISO 14001’s standard.

The findings of the Gap Analysis were submitted to ADEQ.

Curtiss Wright, IMC Magnetics, Inc., Tempe, Arizona. Aerospace Manufacturing

This project required a Gap Analysis (audit) of the facility’s existing ISO 14001 program. Curtiss Wright had already achieved third party certification of the ISO14001 but wanted an independent review. Corrective Actions were identified based on missing Aspects/Impacts analyses of the facility’s environmental activities and written work instructions. The need for additional awareness training on both the Objectives and Targets and the Policy was identified following interviews with employees and management.


Completed a 5 day ISO 14000 Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Training Course, accredited by ANSI-RAB.